How it works

For students

Asking for more information

All you need to is search for courses that interest you, you can narrow the search results by qualification, location and keywords. Once you've found a few courses that seem like they might be what you're after, simply fill in the enquiry form on the course detail page and your details will be sent directly to the owner of the course and they'll follow up with you to give you whatever extra information you need to make your decision.

Requesting to enrol

Search for the course you would like to enrol in, and fill in the enquiry form with a note that you would like to enrol, the institute will contact you letting you know what the next steps are to enrol.

For RTO's

If you run an RTO, please see the information here on how the site works for RTO's.

If you would like to have your courses listed with us, please contact us letting us know (and if you have any questions) and we'll get the ball rolling.